Postcodes in M90 5 postal code sector

List of postcodes in M90 5 postcode sector (Manchester, M postcode area) with 34 codes:

M90 3AE
M90 3AF
M90 3AH
M90 3AL
M90 3BB
M90 3DA
M90 3DE
M90 3DN
M90 3DP
M90 3DQ
M90 3EX
M90 3FE
M90 3FH
M90 3FL
M90 3GF
M90 3HG
M90 3JB
M90 3NS
M90 3NT
M90 3NU
M90 3NW
M90 3NZ
M90 3RA
M90 3RR
M90 3SA
M90 3SB
M90 3TH
M90 3TR
M90 3WR
M90 3WT
M90 3WU
M90 3WW
M90 3WY
M90 3WZ